Que Sparks

Saturday 7PM-10PM

Man.....where do I start? I guess Spartanburg, SC because that's the place I was born and raised. The mighty Spartanburg High is the school I graduated from in 2004. After breaking the chains of High School I moved to Atlanta for a while.  During my stay in Atlanta I attended American Intercontinental University, studying media production. Every since I was a kid around the age of 14, I loved music. I really think I fell in love with music after hearing a Biggie verse. But hip-hop is not the only music I can vibe too. I also enjoy soft rock, reggae, r&b and pretty much everything besides country. My top 5 rappers of all-time are Jay-z, Lil Wayne, 2 pac, Biggie and Eminem. In my spare time I enjoy producing music and just watching television. Some of my favorite shows are SportsCenter, NFL Total Access, Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and The Mickey Mouse Club House. The only reason I watch Mickey is because I really don't have a choice, my son mean mug me every time I try to turn it. I'm the biggest Carolina Panther fan on this side of the milky way, you can ask anyone that knows me.



 Radio gives me a voice, money gives me a vision and my son gives me life.