JJ Solomon

Mon-Fri 7p-10p

J.J. Solomon  Mr.7 O'Clock 

Back on THE BLOCK...  Night Show Host 7pm until 10pm on The Block!!! 

Morning's - Way to Early for me

Afternoon's - I still haven't grown up yet enough for this show..

Born to do the Night Show.  Only thing funnier is how I got the show. 

Only will do the Night Show cause Don't like getting up early, leave that to Steve Harvey.  

I love the Upstate! I want to get Murried  (spelled correctly ) here someday.  

In the meantime and betweentime I will rhyme like Unsigned Grind and say Thank you to all the Believers and Naysayers... Its the business to be back on at night!  I dreamed of this moment and it's here.

Enough of my acceptance speech.  I hail from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Radio stops include my hometown , Wilmington Delaware, Baltimore, Washington DC, West Palm Beach, Elizabeth City and Twice here in Greenville! I started my dream job at Night 9 years ago.  It was cut short , and it returns at NIGHT here on THE BLOCK!  We are 1 year strong and Unsigned Grind is about to celebrate a year...  artists send me your songs HERE.

I look forward to interacting with you... at Night on the Block Lines  1( 844) 405-4963 or on the Block APP!! 

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